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Houseboat tours

The voluptuous emerald green water, tranquil and serene environ accompanied with the gentle breeze of the backwaters in Kerala woo thousands of tourists to the Venice of the East. Houseboats, a unique feature in the state tourism helps the tourists to glide across the backwater staying away from the rest of the world. The traditional 'Kettuvallam' refurbished into the new fashioned houseboat provides luxurious bedrooms and other facilities including kitchen, living rooms, modern toilets and a balcony .

Houseboat tourism, a later addition to the Kerala tourism turned into one of the top sought after attractions in the state tourism. The renovated houseboats moving across the backwaters pans the confined life of local demography. The ripples of the backwaters lullabying the houseboat anchored amidst the lake extend an exotic pleasure to the tourists.

Houseboat tourism provides a ride through the backwater that extends from Alleppey to Kumarakam crossing numerous canals, paddy fields and can experience other daily life activities of the natives. The indigenous fresh food with local flavours are a unique feature of the houseboat.

Kerala houseboats are the considered as the brand ambassador of Kerala Tourism. Houseboat Tourism is the recent addition to the Kerala Tourism alluring thousands to the state. The giant houseboats of Kerala were once the Kettuvalloms was a popular means of transportation to carry large quantity of rice safely from one place to another. The backwaters of Kerala include, Alleppey, Kollam, Cochin, Kozhikode, Kasargode and Thiruvanthapuram.

As the development accelerates, the Kettuvalloms slowly vanished from the backwaters of Kerala. But the boom in the tourism industry recalls the houseboats to the backwaters. The new fashioned houseboats with all modern facilities and amenities including bedrooms with AC, living room, dining rooms, modern toilets and a kitchen allures thousands of tourists to the backwaters. Thousands of houseboats are there in the backwaters with numerous tour packages.

Of the Kerala houseboats the Alleppey houseboats are chosen by most of the tourists. The picturesque beauty of the backwaters in Alleppey with abundant greenery, flora and fauna and the rural life of the people woo thousands to the place. The intertwined canals in Alleppey, lagoons and lake provide the tourists to explore more in backwaters. The couples find the backwaters a perfect destination for their honeymoon and ride in a Kerala houseboat an exotic experience. Houseboats provides Alleppey round itinerary which connects Kollam in the south, Cochin and Kumarakom in the south. The cuisines offered in the Alleppey houseboats so fresh and tasty.

The other backwater destinations in Kerala like Cochin, Kollam, Kozhikode and Kasargode also have the Kerala houseboats for cruising. Kerala houseboats floating in the cool and tranquil backwater rejuvenate the tourists and also help to depict the rural like of Kerala.